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29th July
written by oakie

I look like a puppy here!

As summer is passing me by, I am slowly approaching my tenth birthday! I will be 10 in August! Oh my goodness. I am an old foagie. But I don’t always feel so old. Sure, when I wake up in the morning I need to stretch and let everyone know I’m stretching with the old man noises I am making. And sure if you pick me up like a baby I will make grumpy old man noises telling you to put me down because my back can’t take it. And sure if we go on a walk, I can’t make it as far as I used to and you have to carry me home. But I am young at heart! I like to run around the house like a crazed maniac at times, and I like to jump on and off the bed like a baby kangaroo. I’m a puppy at heart!


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