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20th November
written by oakie

I'm pretty tough. Just look at me!

Ohai there. How are you? I’m good and cute as usual. People are building a house next to mine. I see the workers through my window. They make a lot of noise, so I bark at them constantly. I growl and let them know I’m watching them and they’d better back off! Then when mommy lets me go in the backyard to do my bidness, I hear the noises up close and it freaks the crap out of me and all I want to do is run back inside and hide in my kennel and then bark at them through the window, but only through the window because it’s much quieter with that buffer. I won’t even attempt to pee in the backyard if they are making loud noises outside. I guess I’m all bark and no bite, but don’t tell anyone else that. I need to keep up my tough guy appearance.


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