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30th January
written by oakie

I hate going to the vet!

In the past month, mom has taken me to the vet 4 times. Each time cost between $250 and $500. One time was because she found lumps on my sides. They turned out to be fat deposits. $300 for peace of mind. Oops, sorry mom. Another time I had a cyst on my belly and she went to get it checked. The doctor tested the blood from the cyst which was an extra $80 fee. Then right after he checked it, the cyst fell off in the examination room and I was all better. Oops. Sorry again, mom. That same time I went in to check my cough, and I was put on antibiotics to clear it up, but it turned out to be nothing as well. Then I went in again because I have a leaky heart valve and hyperthyroidism, so I had to get an ultrasound and more blood work done, and now I have to be on medication for the rest of my life. Then I saw $$$$$ dollar signs in my vet’s eyes. Sorry, mom. Then today I went in for a teeth cleaning and mom paid $400 for that. Sorry, mom. But you can’t deny that she loves me! I mean come on, who wouldn’t??


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