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28th February
written by oakie

How could you leave this face??

Cute Oakie here again to update you on my life with my single post of the month. Hmm, so the last time I posted, mom went on her vacation for two weeks. Then she came back for a week, and now she is gone again. WTF. That is not cool, mom. I miss you when you’re gone! Don’t you see how excited I am when I see you for the first time in weeks? I greet you with my tongue hanging out and my tail wagging! Yes, I get bored of you after 10 seconds and then I run away and find my toy. But that is no excuse to abandon me! Yes, when you hold me I squirm and moan like an old man until you put me down. Still no excuse. I’ve got ancient bones and joints. I’m almost 13 for goodness sake! Next time you go on vacation, take me with you!! Pwease!


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