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24th May
written by oakie

Where's the carpet? I need to poop!

Mom has been cooking my food lately instead of feeding me the store-bought wet food and treats. She still feeds me doggy dry food, which I hate, but I guess I’ll eat it if the chicken she makes me is mixed in with it. Yesterday she ran out of the homemade chicken goop so she had to use the store-bought wet food. It didn’t sit well with my stomach. In fact, it was horrible to my intestines. I had the worst diarrhea. It was so bad that I couldn’t hold it anymore so I diarrhea’d all over the carpet and the rugs even though the hardwood floor was only 1 foot away from me. Yay for ruining the expensive rug! And best of all, I diarrhea’d all over it in three spots, and it was soaking into the rug since mom left for work.. eight hours! HAHA! But I don’t usually have accidents in the house. This is the first time in 10 years.. pretty good. And I couldn’t hold it for eight hours. Mom was nice and didn’t spank me. Next time feed me the homemade chicken slop!


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