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27th July
written by oakie

I pee like a girl 'cause I'm a sissy sometimes. I need a thunder buddy! Also, my pee kills grass.

I’m a tough dog. When I see people, I bark at them. When I see other animals, I bark my lungs out and make like imma git them! But the one thing I’m a total chicken about is thunder. I am so afraid of thunder. The other day I was out pooping and peeing, and I heard a human making noises on the other side of the fence. I barked at them to tell them to shut up! Then I saw a squirrel and I barked at it to tell that squirrel to shut up! Then I heard thunder and I ran to the closed door, pushed it open with my head, and ran inside to the safety of my mother’s arms. Yeah, yeah.. shut up!


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