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3rd October
written by oakie

ZOMG I haven’t written a blog entry since June?! I’m so sorry I’ve been keeping my fans waiting! I know you guys have been itching to hear about what I’ve been doing. Well, let me think back to July. It was a hot month. I think I drank a lot of water and peed and pooped a lot. August was also a scorcher. I went to get my wellness exam done and everything came back ok. I got so nervous at one point in the room that I tried to jump on the chair next to mama and I face planted. It was so embarrassing. In September, mom was out of town most of the month, and she didn’t take me with her. That bitch. And now October. I’ve been coughing a lot lately, so mom took me to the vet again. He took an xray of my chest and saw that my heart had enlarged a little more and it’s not a good thing. He then told my mom that I have about a year to live, which caused my mom to cry uncontrollably in front of the vet. I don’t know what was more embarrassing: Me face planting or mom being a big cry baby. Though I don’t blame her. One year to live really sucks. I hope this means I get to eat steak every night and that she’ll stop dressing me up in stupid dog clothes. But I’m pretty sure this means she’ll buy even more silly outfits for me to wear. I guess that’s the price of being cute.

xx, Oakie

Here I am in my car seat on the way back from the vet

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