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4th October
written by oakie

When mom was out of the last month, my uncle and auntie-in-law were taking care of me. Uncle was at work, so it was me and auntie. There are a few things she doesn’t know about me, like how I love to bolt out of the house if the front door is open. She had her hands full and was leaving the house. She told me to stay, and I acted like I was listening, but as soon as she opened the door I bee-lined it through her legs and yelled FREEEEDOMMMM while I galloped gracefully into the front yard. That put her in a panic mode and she flung her laptop and bags onto the lawn and started chasing after me. Hehe. Lucky for her I’m old and she caught me. Lucky for me there were no moving cars on the street because I would have run right into them.. sometimes I forget they’re bad when I’m in such a euphoric state. Anyway, that was the funnest day away from mommy. All the other days I just moped until she was home. Psych! Everyday is fun when you can sniff your own poop!


I want to be freeeee!!!

Poop sniffin’

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