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17th May
written by oakie

I need some peace and quiet!

It was rainy and thundery this evening when mama came home. I was so scared of the thunder I didn’t even want to pee, but mom nudged me so I tinkled under the tree. But there was no way I was gonna poop! I put my tail between my legs and ran for the back door! I wouldn’t even eat my delicious dinner because I was so scared. But mom sat on the floor next to my dish and hand fed me a few bites so I’d finish the bowl. I’m glad she did that because I was honnngry! We just went out for my nightly poo, and I didn’t want to pee this time either, but I put on a brave face and did my business. But that was it.. I wanted to go back in! Mom knew I had to go #2 (because I didn’t go earlier and because I ate a big dinner!) so after we made a few circles in the backyard, I popped a squat and pooped a big poopy!!! I was so happy I was done and we went back inside the house! Now it’s sleepy time for me!


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