Oakie’s story

written by oakie

I just got a haircut, and I don’t like it! (Oct 2008)

Oakie is a 14.5 year old poodle mix that showed up one day on the front porch of his soon-to-be mama. He was only a few months old when he, the adorable little stray, decided to make his presence known. He was so small that he fit in his future mama’s hand! Naturally, she could not resist his cuteness, and decided to keep him within a nanosecond after first meeting him. Thankfully, none of the neighbors claimed him as their missing pup. Thus, Oakie became his mama’s precious little boy, and he still is her precious baby today!

[Update] Oakie died on Thursday, April 9, 2015 a little before 1:30pm. He lost his life to renal failure. He was the love of his mama’s life, and her heart is broken. His mama misses him dearly and will always love him.