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2nd December
written by oakie

Do I look like I want my teeth brushed?

Mom brushes my teeth every night. Every night I try to sleep in a position where it’s difficult for her to brush my teeth. Nothing works. She still comes at me with that tiny toothbrush and peanut butter flavored toothpaste. You’d think it’d taste like peanut butter, but it tastes like nastiness rubbed all over my teef. Ma, I’m trying to sleep! Quit it with the fresh breath bidness! I ain’t havin’ it!


26th February
written by oakie


I got my teeth cleaned the other day. I had them cleaned this month because February is Pet Dental Month (20% off!)! My mom always likes a good sale. My teeth are now nice and white, and I had no cavities or extractions! Those Milkbones really do work!

Here is a picture of me showing off my pearly whites! Well, this photo was taken before my cleaning, so they’re not exactly white-white, more like off-white… mom hasn’t taken a photo of me and my updated grill yet. She’s too busy updating her status on Facebook or something. Sheesh. I think she’s a little too old for that mess.